Powder and liquid coating

We are ready to use our new equipment to paint aluminum coil to any color required by our clients. Our new color coating line has the capability to coat rolled aluminum reaching the the width of 1500 mm and with thickness varying from 0.5 to 2.0 mm. The increased capacity to withstand mechanical damage allows to guarantee that the outward appearance of the coated metal will be safeguarded throughout its’ whole life span. Application of protective film guarantees that the color coating will remain intact up to the moment of its installation at the intended point.

Metalworking (cutting)

One of the most basic metalworking processes is metal cutting. All of the operations are executed in accordance with the customer’s design, using high precision equipment. The cutting methods are chosen in accordance with the requirements for the shape of the article and the quality of the edge of the cut. We cut coil, plates, bars, pipes and other aluminum products in our own processing plant.

Profiling aluminum sheets

Produced by special multi-roll machines. Profiling starts from medium rifts and gradually increases the number of rolls in future deformation stages. The width of the coil that may be shaped may vary from 550 to 1250 mm. The length of the coil depends of the customer’s demands (usually from 2 to 5 m). The thickness of the sheet that may be shaped varies from 0.8 to 2mm. This type of rolled aluminum is used for roofing and insulation at industrial sites.

Friction welding

The process of transforming kinetic energy of movement of one of the pieces into heat energy. Simultaneously the pieces are being welded to each other by constant or increasing pressure. Herewith the temperature increases at the point where the two pieces touch. All of these operations are being carried out in accordance with the customer’s designs using high precision equipment.


Anodizing is a process during which a thin oxide film is formed on the surface of the material, which acts as a protective layer. This process allows to protect the metals from erosion and other environmental effects. In addition, this layer forms the foundation for coating the semi-finished product with paint.


We can make any kind of packaging in accordance to the requirements of our clients. While, all types of packaging used by us are highly resistant to moisture, we still choose to transport our goods only in fully covered vehicles.


Our company provides a whole ray of delivery services. Our main priority is to satisfy the needs of our customers and to adapt to the specificities of their work. We can organize the delivery of semi-finished aluminum products to our client’s warehouses on the territories of Russia, CIS and EU.