The most widely used and demanded type of rolled aluminum. Aluminum coil is used in food and electronics industries, in construction and heat insulation projects and in many other fields. Coil produced from an aluminum alloy possesses high levels of corrosion resistance, resistance to hostile environments and high temperatures, as well as does not damage the environment in a long run. Aluminum coil may be up to 1500 mm in width and possess a thickness varying from 0.3 to 4.0 mm.


A sheet produced using various aluminum alloys may possess high levels of pressure resistance, has a long lifespan and retains excellent outwards appearance. As a result, this aluminum product has been widely used in aerospace industry, machine building, shipbuilding and for consumer goods production. Aluminum sheet may be up to 2800 mm in width, 7500 mm in length and possess a thickness varying from 0.5 to 10.0 mm


Aluminum plate is a flat rolled aluminum product possessing the thickness varying from 10.5 to 300 mm. It is widely used in manufacturing of electrical devices, nuclear, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in the manufacturing of equipment and molds for shoe production. The ease with which it can be manipulated, has led to its wide usage in many fields of modern manufacturing.


Aluminum bar/rod is a semi-finished product with circular, square or hexagonal cross section. It is usually manufactured by means of drawing, blanking or forging. It is widely used in automotive, defense and petrochemical industries, in the production of valves, bearings and many other machine parts. It is made from almost any alloy depending on the requirements and goals.


Aluminum pipe is a hollow profile with a circular, square or other cross section made from different flexible aluminum alloys. Pipes can be divided into categories according to the method of their production: extruded, welded or coldworked. Pipes are usually manufactured with a wall thickness varying from 0.5 to 117 mm and a diameter varying from 6 to 734 mm. They are widely used in machine building and production of equipment for petrochemical industry.


It is a hollow or solid article produced through extrusion of different complexity and for different purposes. Profiles are manufactured using a great variety of aluminum alloys with different tempers in order to satisfy the needs in different fields, where they are used – starting from the production of home appliances and ending with rocket manufacturing. We produce profiles of any complexity, according to the designs of our clients.


Forgings – pressed products made from aluminum alloys, recorded in Russian and Western classifications, fulfilling the requirements of ГОСТ, ОСТ, ТУ, ASTM and others.


During hot stamping the article will be continuously affected by presses with the force varying from 6 to 20 thousand tones and dies weighting approximately 10 tons. After every cycle of processing the billets are heated anew in high-temperature furnaces. The process is quite similar to forging – the presses play the role of the “hammer”, while the automatic-forges – the “hearth”. In order to be able to withstand such treatment and take the intended shape, the metal has to possess certain characteristics. In order to achieve the required physical properties, alloying elements are added.


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